Bermuda 3D Printing

B3D is about to introduce 3D printing technology to Bermuda bringing with it the potential to revolutionise the market model for a host of products.

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Welcome to B3D

The Next Dimension

B3D is the first commercial 3D printing operation in Bermuda. We offer high resolution 3D printing and scanning services (up to 0.1mm accuracy). Our Liquid Crystal HR printer uses daylight photopolymer printing technology using hard, firm, tough and flexible resins in black, red, green, cream and grey. The next generation EinScan-Pro is a revolutionary, all in one hand held 3D scanner capable of capturing small precision parts and larger complex geometry. As we launch a new industry to the island we will encourage Bermudians to be part of the technological revolution. It is B3D’s mission to bring Bermuda one step closer  to the future.

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