3D Printing


Phenom Peopoly - 3D printer

Print Technology: MSLA 
Print Volume: 276.48 x 155.52 x 400 mm (10.86 x 6.1 x 15.7 in)
Resolution: 0.05 mm (0.002 in)

MakerBot Replicator - 3D printer

Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Print Volume: 295 x 195 x 165 mm (11.6 x 7.6 x 6.5 in) 
Resolution: 0.1mm (0.004in)


Deft Resin
by Peopoly ñ Grey, White

Deft resin is developed in conjunction with Phenom MSLA. It is designed for fast and easy printing on a large volume resin printer. It is particularly suited for LCD printing due to the lower energy required for curing. The print is also easier to remove from the plate to prevent damages to the object. Deft white provides an even smoother finish than the grey version and is ideal for printing objects require minimal post-processing.

Mechanical properties
Shore: 74D
Tensile Strength: 35MPa
Youngís Modulus: 750MPa
Elongation At Break: 6%

Anycubic Plant-based
UV resin

Anycubic Plant-based UV resin ñ clear, translucent green and many other colours

Biodegradable and made from soybean oil, truly eco-friendly. no harmful chemicals.Complied with EN 71-3:2013 safety standard.

Mechanical Properties
Shore 84D
Tensile Strength 59-70 MPa
Youngís Modulus 500Mpa
Elongation At Break: 11-20%

Sculpt by Siraya
Tech ñ Metal Grey

Are you looking for that ideal resin with a smooth injection mold-like look and beautiful color for your latest model design? Introducing Sculpt, the premium resin for model makers in with special high-temperature resistance formula. This resin Smooth Surface Finishes, High Resolution, High-Temperature Resistance. Heat Deflection Point around 160C, great for vulcanized rubber molding, printing tabletop minis, digital sculptures or application that requires high-temperature resistance.

Mechanical Properties
Hardness: Shore D 82
Tensile Strength: 63Mpa
Youngís Modulus 1000Mpa
Elogation at Break: 9%

by Siraya Tech

Are you looking for a resin that has great flexibility, strong with impact resistance? Then this is the resin for you. A thin object printed in Tenacious can be bent 180 degrees without shattering while thicker object shows great strength and resilience. The transparent light yellow color makes it easy to check for the internal structure of a print and easy to dye.

Mechanical Properties
Shore D 65
Tensile Strength 24 mPa
Youngís Modulus 500Mpa
Elongation At Break: 75%

Blu by Siraya Tech ñ
Light Blue, Clear

Introducing Blu by Siraya Lab, an easy to use tough resin that performs under stress. It balances between strength and hardness and is ideal for making functional parts that are strong yet with some flexibility. Unlike many resins on the market that are too brittle to handle even the slightest drop, Blu Clear has excellent mechanical properties that can withstand forces without breaking easily. To test it Siraya Lab  made a hook with it and pulled up 20kg weight without breaking.

Mechanical properties
Shore D 85
Tensile Strength 39Mpa
Youngís Modulus 1500Mpa
Elongation At Break: 25%

Fast by Siraya Tech ñ
Grey, White, Smoky Black, Green

Fast is developed by the Siraya Tech team that brought you the strong and precise Blu or the tough and elastic Tenacious engineering. We created Fast to be the all-around resin that people can use everyday project. Not only it is fast and easy to use but it is strong enough to take that accidental fall from time to time. This resin is ideal for printing beautiful designs like miniatures and props.

Mechanical Properties
Shore D 72
Tensile Strength 33Mpa
Youngís Modulus 800Mpa
Elongation At Break: 6%

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